Growing up in British Columbia Canada, Shara completed a degree in Science with a double degree in Biology and Chemistry with a concentration in Kinesiology. Months later while working in Calgary Alberta, Shara had an instinct to turn her steering wheel about 3cm to the left and it was the “3cm” that saved her life. While, merging onto the highway, the car in front of her decided to slow down, being hesitant … all the while, car behind her decided to speed up to 100km/hr. After the impact of all 3 cars, the trunk of Shara’s car was equal to her front seat. Had she not turned her steering wheel the car would have been demolished.

Since her accident and introduction to Chiropractic Care, Shara completed a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College. She knew that for some reason, she was meant to work overseas and bravely followed her heart. She had opportunities in Australia, UK and Malaysia/Singapore. It was after several interviews she settled into her 2-year contract in Singapore. She completed further education, in ergonomic safety, pregnancy, and infant care and sport injury. After her contract was completed, loving the South East Asian culture and region, in 2008 Dr Shara started her own clinic, Asia Chiropractic Health Services and it successfully sold for 6 figures in 2016.


Since 1998, she has spent time helping people achieve positive results in their health and promote natural healthy living. As an energetic, international speaker in the arena of health and wellness, Dr Shara has had the privilege of working with prominent global companies such as; Citibank, Standard Charter Bank, Lucas Films, Knowledge To Action-London, Success Resources, Dasani, Body Shop Corp. and Singapore Ministry of Defence to name a few. She has worked with numerous groups worldwide, to facilitate workplace health, wellness and ergonomics for corporate teams. Dr Shara has also worked alongside top Chiropractic Coaches; Dr. David Jackson, Dr. Doug Herron and Dr. John Hinwood and has been featured in the publication “You Can Expect a Miracle With Chiropractic” 2013 edition. Most recently Asia Chiropractic Health Services was awarded Singapore Quality Brands Award for 2012-2013.

Dr Shara Director of Dr Shara Downey Wellness & Training Services, is now ready to increase her impact on the world.

Patient Conversion Mastery is her new coaching program where her mission is to help other Holistic Practitioners raise the level of their practice, business, and turn their life vision into a reality. She’s all about taking action, whether it’s perfect or not.